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Building Department Forms 
Property Owners Affidavit
Permit Application

Building Permit Requirements                            

New Home Forms:
    Code of Ohio Systems Description Form
    Energy Efficiency Compliance Declaration Form
    Fuel Piping Pressure Acceptance Test Certificate
    Square Footage Form of New Dwelling

Contractor Registration:
Contractor Registration & Bond Form

Residential Fees:
Accessory Structure, Alterations or Replacements and Demo Fees

Building Permit Fees

Curb Cutting, Doors, Gutters, Siding and Windows Fees

Electrical Fees

Garage Sale Permit Application


Plumbing Fees

Roof Guidelines
Roofing Fees

Swimming Pool Fees

Waterproofing Guidelines
Waterproofing Fees

Home Rental:       

Property Inspection Fee

Zoning Permit:
Permit Application

Zoning Fees

Deck Guidelines

Driveway Guidelines

Fence Guidelines

Zoning Appeal Application

Commercial Fees:
Building Fees
Electrical Fees  
Fire Dept. Inspection Application                  

HVAC Fees  

Occupancy Permit Application
Plumbing Fees             

Roofing Fees

Waterproofing Fees

Zoning Appeal Application  

Planning Appeal Application


Economic Development Forms: 

Job Creation Incentive Grant Program Guidelines 
Job Creation Incentive Grant Program Application 

Linked Deposit\Small Business Linked Deposit Program  

Income Tax:

Individual Auto Calculation Instructions
Individual Auto Calc Return

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2019 Tax Forms
Income Tax Information
2019 Employee Annual Withholding Reconciliation
2019 Employers Monthly Withholding
2019 Quarterly Estimate

2018 Tax Forms
2018 Individual Income Tax Return
2018 Employee Annual Withholding Reconciliation
2018 Employers Monthly Withholding
2018 Quarterly Estimate
2018 Business Tax Return
2018 Retired/Disabled Tax Return

2017 Tax Forms         
2017 Employee Annual Withholding Reconciliation
2017 Individual Income Tax Return
2017 Business Tax Return
2017 Retired/Disabled Tax Return

2016 Tax Forms
2016 Business Tax Return
2016 Individual Income Tax Return Instructions
2016 Individual Income Tax Return
2016 Retired/Disabled Tax Return


2018 JEDD Tax Forms
2018 JEDD Employers Monthly Withholding
2018 JEDD Withholding Reconciliation  
2018 JEDD Quarterly Estimate 

2017 JEDD Tax Forms  
2017 JEDD Business Tax Return
2017 JEDD Individual Income Tax Return
2017 JEDD Withholding Reconciliation

2016 JEDD Tax Forms

2016 Business Tax Return
2016 Individual Income Tax Return

Safety Services:
Community Block Watch Application