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Mayor's Corner

Mayor, Safety & Economic Development Director 

Dear Residents and Friends,

The Village of Walton Hills continues to experience economic growth both residential and commercially. Anywhere you look around Walton Hills you’ll find new homes being built, new commercial buildings being built and several different redevelopment projects are underway as well. Along with the redevelopment, we’re experiencing relocating. A lot of new businesses have chosen our town to move-in to. During the last eight years, Village council members have worked diligently and tirelessly in making these redevelopment and relocation projects successful.

On June 15th, we welcomed Dakar Recording Studios to Walton Hills.  Dakar Recording Studios will be the first full service, state of the art sound stages, audio recording, film, and television production facility in Ohio. Dakar will be constructed in two phases. Phase one will be completed this fall, and phase two will be finished by the summer of 2019. Filmmakers, television productions, and musicians who work with Dakar can utilize the facilities, and garner total support from Dakota P. Productions, Dakar’s in-house production company if needed.

Recently, the housing market has experienced an increase in “valuation of worth.” A lot of that is due to newer homes going up and older homes being refurbished. Several of the vacant lots around the Village have been purchased to be built upon, that too will boost and help sustain our economy. The Village of Walton Hills offers several incentives to future investors and home owners that assist in these redevelopment and development projects.One of those incentives is the Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) tax break for new homes as well as for renovation/expansion projects.

The Village Council and I have worked well together to get these projects underway to sustain our great Village now, and into the future. We’ve created and sustained great working relationships with business leaders and investors both in Ohio and around the country. Prior to the current administration, things didn’t always go quite as everyone had hoped. Those quality working relationships weren’t intact and our Village’s credibility wasn’t what it is now. Through strong leadership and dedicated, hard work, Walton Hills will grow and prosper in the short term which will in turn sustain our Village in the long term.

As already mentioned, new businesses will be popping up in town and large parcels of land will become available for rebuilding projects in Walton Hills in the near future. Please understand that during the next few years there may be some financial strain on residents, but it will be beneficial to all of us in the long run. The economic growth of Walton Hills is a testament to the working relationships our council members, past and present, have created with investors and business leaders. Village leaders understand what it takes to make sure our residents’ futures are bright. My goal as Mayor of Walton Hills is to work for you, the residents, and not work to benefit any political groups.Your elected officials should always work to benefit their residents.

Please enjoy celebrating the Fourth of July with your family and friends.

God Bless,
Kevin Hurst
Mayor/Safety Director, I.G.I.T.