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Mayor's Corner

Mayor, Safety & Economic Development Director 

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

As we start the month of March, I am pleased to report many positive changes that have taken place in our Village’s operations. With the support of a majority of our council members, we are moving forward with the installation of the traffic cameras. We have also received permission from the council to apply for several grants that will benefit our community far into the future. The grants will allow for improvements to be made to T.G. Young Park (applied for in December of 2017) and for a 20-80% split for the purchase of a new senior/disabled bus with a wheelchair lift. We’ve also applied for a new recycling grant to help pay for advertising and support the shredding program we offer each year. We are currently looking at a Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) grant to integrate LED lighting for many of the facilities owned by the Village of Walton Hills.


As we work throughout March to project and estimate our Village’s collections, we are prudently keeping in mind our goal of pursuing a balanced budget for 2018 and of meeting our deadline for passing a final budget that will fund continued operations. In terms of the economic development taking place in Walton Hills, we are planning for many improvements in our business sector. Working with investors, acknowledging all of the incentive opportunities and coordinating the best solution are all factors that affect the eventual plan for development. As the plans unfold, we will provide you with the information in our monthly updates.


We recently received positive news regarding a building that has been vacant since 2015 located at 7300 Northfield Road. This building was a major safety hazard in 2015. The Oakwood Village Fire Department took action to close it down and the owner filed for bankruptcy. In the spring of 2017, we helped with an incentive to find investors to improve the building, bring it up to code and make it safe for operation. Recently, a new business re- located from out of state to the building located at 7300 Northfield Road. The new company, MasTec, specializes in engineering and construction for electrical transmissions, oil and natural gas pipelines, renewable energy and wireless networks. We are excited that MasTec chose Walton Hills for its re-location and it will bring about employment opportunities and increased revenue for our community. Furthermore, our Village has another exciting opportunity for growth: a trucking company plans to construct a new building located at 7560 Northfield Road. Like MasTec, it will increase employment, and the building will change the landscape of the Northfield Road Corridor.


We also have another business that is attempting to purchase vacant land in Walton Hills and is being handled through our established Community Improvement Corporation (C.I.C.). We installed C.I.C. as an economic tool for growth, and we are pleased that the organization is working to implement strategic planning and preparation that will benefit our Village. As the saying goes, the best way to predict the future is to create it. As we have demonstrated over the last seven years, we have many options to grow our community and sustain Walton Hills for years to come, as long as we maintain a positive attitude towards these endeavors as they take shape. We will start implementing trash collection fees in April for all of our residents, though the cost still has to be confirmed by the Village’s council. Once the cost is determined, residents will receive the first billing statement for 2018 as a quarterly billing. Please understand this is nothing new and was discussed at town hall meetings in 2017 after the levy failed.


As we move forward, registration for our recreation department’s summer programs is underway. We are working towards creating a better educational program for our kids, as well as our neighboring communities’ kids. We’re always striving to develop a stronger relationship with our neighboring communities. In the Village of Walton Hills, we never settle for less; rather, we are dedicated to making long-lasting improvements that will benefit all members of our community. As long as we work as a team, we can remain loyal to the objectives and goals we have set in place. Through many hours of discussion and public meetings, we strive to be accountable and transparent leaders. As always, we are optimistic about the Village’s future.   Have a wonderful month—Spring is upon us!

serving you,

Kevin Hurst
Mayor/Safety Director